When you think of the word, HOME, what comes to mind?


When you think of HOME, what comes to mind?


Many times, when working with clients, they have a set vision in their heads of what their new house should have.                  “It must have granite countertops” 

“There is no way I can live without a jetted tub” 

“I will only live 3 miles from my office”

“Hardwood floors throughout”

I think we’ve all been there.  We have a pre-conceived notion of what physical attributes our house must have but we fail to remember what exactly makes a house, a home.  I’m reminded of this after I just spent the last half hour vacuuming my living room and wiping finger marks off the wall.

I was always set on having hardwood floors everywhere   I continuously work on a certain carpet stain – it was an arts and crafts project gone awry, my daughter felt terrible for staining the carpet and was even more upset at the failed project.  We worked through it.  I “worked through” not losing my mind at the stain  She worked through starting the project from scratch.  So now, that stain on the carpet is a memory…. A memory I might not recall if I had that precious hardwood floor in that room.  One day, I’ll install hardwood but not anytime soon – memories with children can sometimes pass too quickly.

I was always determined to have a big house that we could ‘grow into’, at least 4,000 sq ft.  I can’t tell you how many times I have wiped finger marks off the tops of the entryways leading into different rooms.  The finger marks rule the downstairs.  But as I try to keep a handle on all of them (as the finger marks pop up every day), I’m reminded that it is left by my son, who loves to jump…a lot.  He’s not the tallest boy in his class so, for him, it’s a sense of accomplishment each day he doesn’t have to jump as high to reach the top of the entryway. I should’ve named him “Tigger”.  But, if we had that huge house I always thought I ‘needed’, I wouldn’t see as many fingerprints etched in black dirty fingers    It would be cleaner.

My ‘dream house’ is just that – a house, not my home.  It would be bigger and cleaner and have updated everything in every room.  It wouldn’t have memories of little children, chew marks of puppies who are now older dogs that my family grew up with, it wouldn’t have the same coffee-stained counter where my husband insists on making his coffee every morning. My dream house would be void of all the things that transform it into a home.  I wouldn’t trade my home for anything.  It’s everything I didn’t think I wanted and everything I needed.  Well, except for the weeds in the backyard….I still don’t want or need that…  baby steps, I suppose.  

So, when you are ready to find a house to call home, think of all the memories that can be created with the ones you love.  Yes, there are some things we all want in our new house but don’t overlook the potential if not all your items are checked off your ‘must have’ list.  Make your house, your home.      JMJ